NGC Energy
NGC Energy

Innovative Energy Solutions


Bulk LPG

We ensure Safe and efficient delivery of BULK LPG for industrial application and central gas network for commercial and residential sector. 


 We ensure safe and efficient delivery of Aerosol Propellant (De-odorized LPG) coupled with highest quality standards demanded by multinational producers of consumer products such as body spray, pesticides, air fresheners, spray paint, food grade packaging material etc. 

Gas Engineering

We undertake turnkey jobs for design, supply, install and commissioning of BULK LPG and SNG installation with related piping and distribution systems.

NGC energy is a one stop solution for supply of BULK LPG, Aerosol propellant (De-odorized LPG), design, engineering and installation of BULK LPG and SNG system and other energy related innovative products & solutions. 

About Us

NGC Energy –UAE, is wholly owned subsidiary of National Gas Co (SAOG)-Oman, an Omani owned Joint Stock Company and pioneer in LPG marketing in the region. As a subsidiary, we follow a similar and simple business policy of devoting our expertise and infrastructure to create innovative solutions that contribute to a sustainable society resulting in the wellbeing of our customers, shareholders, partners and employees.All our products have the power to enrich lives and provide a green, safe environment. We believe that in today’s fast paced global economy, innovation is critical and our unfaltering commitment for excellence & sustainability will help us achieve the vision to become the number one multi regional Energy Company.

National Gas

National Gas pioneered various breakthrough technologies like D Cylinder, NC+, SNG, LPP to name a few and is continually looking for opportunities around the globe.

A company’s success is measured not only by its business achievements, but also by how much it gives back to the community, protects the environment and makes a difference in people’s lives. National Gas embraces its responsibility to contribute as a good corporate, providing clean energy to protect and improve the environment and strengthen communities 

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